Architecture Department

Architecture Department was established in 2010 in the Engineering Faculty frame at Herat University with the academic support of University of Hartford in the United States.

Architecture is, in fact, the design and construction of buildings, urban spaces and other internal and external spaces to respond to the needs of the functional and the aesthetics. Architecture, in addition to being a technical discipline, is specialized in the cultural, social and economic conditions of the community. For this reason, learning architecture as a multidisciplinary field, in addition to technical discussion, relies on creativity, artistic, aesthetic foundations and professional skills, as well as on social sciences, economics and psychology.


Architecture Department academic purposes

Since Architecture Department is considered as one of the most important scientific centers of the city, it has certain objectives including as following:

  • Increase the academic level of lecturers using scholarships and short-term training programs at home country or outside
  • Pave the grounds for academic research by professors
  • Provide the opportunity for conducting useful scientific communication with other universities both inside and outside the country
  • Use creative students to promote scientific research beyond the curriculum
  • Teach students in accordance with universal standards
  • Creating the ability to use the up-dated knowledge
  • Preparing students to do activities in this field


The curriculum of Architecture Department is in accordance with the scientific and professional needs of community, which has been prepared in co-operation with Hartford University of the United States in accordance with international standards. It has 157 credits, including 6 selected subjects. The new curriculum consists of 12% of the contents of the university, 30% of the basic content and 58% of the technical content.