Dari Department

The Dari Department of the Faculty of Education and Higher Education of Herat University, founded in 1971 under the name of the Department of Language and Literature of Dari, seeks to provide professors and educators in the field of good teaching, literary research and literacy skills with educational abilities, professional commitment, honesty and without any kind of racial, linguistic, and gender bias and discrimination.

The department wishes to have a fully-standardized department designed in advance to meet the needs of students and the academic community, which is to educate professors and professional teachers, who will work faithfully and according to human values. Currently, there are 9 faculty members whose rank range from Pohand to pohyalay. Our teachers have bachelors and master degrees.


In the academic area:

Creating an environment conducive to studying

Growing capacity and competence of professors

Teachers' familiarization with the most modern teaching methods through participation in seminars, workshops and training courses at home and abroad