Department of Geography

The Department of Geography is one of the departments of the Faculty of Education, which was also one of the departments of the Teacher Training Institute in the year 1972. When the Herat Teacher Training Institute was promoted to the institute of Pedagogy, this department of was one of the three departments at the time. It had two parts: history and geography. In 2003, Herat Institute of pedagogy became one of the faculties of Herat University. The departments of history and geography continued to work in two disciplines, but were separated in 2014 and now serve as separate departments.


Academic Objectives

Enhancement of professional development to the standards of other higher education institutions

Promoting teachers’ academic credentials to master’s and Ph.D.

Academic Relations with the Directorate of Geodetic Cartography, Faculty of geoscience, Kabul

Finally, promotion to the Social Sciences faculty with its own separate departments

Educational goals

To improve the educational level of students by offering students professional courses, such as teaching GIS, English, computers and more.

To become equipped with textbooks and resources

Equipping laboratories in this field so that the educational process becomes more efficacious