Department of Pashtu Language and Literature

The Pashto Department was approved by the Department of Education in 2011, but due to some problems, it could not open its doors to students immediately. It was inaugurated in the year (2013) with the efforts of teacher Siraj Ahmed ((Zwak) and teacher Akbar Khan (Andar) to the children of the country and the lovers of Pashto language. In the same year, another talented teacher Ms. Mena Sadat was also appointed the noble job of teaching. With the sedulous and tireless efforts of the teachers, the department, regardless of the seemingly insurmountable problems, today stand on its feet. And with the Grace of Almighty will continue to attain the highest ends. With the embellishment of Pashto language and literature, we will endeavor to enlighten and lift the spirit of our compatriots.

The department successfully made immense strides and enrolled nearly 200 students by the year 2015.  The above-mentioned number of students are studying in four classes, out of whom 47 students are male and 130 women are female students. This department also presented its first graduate to society. The number of graduates was 12, out of whom 9 were female and three were males.

Although there are Pashto departments in most of the provinces in the country, in the western zone, especially in Herat province, there is a lot of need for Pashto departments because teachers of Pashto in the province are not necessarily natives to the city. This dearth of Pashto teachers in the zone has caused immense problems for students. This department will train a lot of professional and qualified teachers in the future to eliminate these problems.


Training teachers who will be patriotic and be willing to make any sacrifice for their religion, country, language, and culture.

To train individuals in such a way so that they will be able to take responsibility for Afghan society’s, academic, technical, and cultural development