Mechatronics Department

Mechatronics Engineering is a combination of mechanical engineering, electronics, computers, and control systems that first was developed by a Japanese engineer from the Yasakawa Electric Company in 1969. The mechatronics design goal is to design systems that, while having simplicity and economics, are highly accurate and intelligent, and adapt themselves to environmental conditions in a way.

In Afghanistan, for the first time, in 2011, this field was founded in partnership with Hartford University in the United State at Herat University.

The abilities of graduates of Mechatronics Department

Mechatronics technology has become more and more used in many fields, in the machinery industry, in the field of industrial products, as well as in defense industries. In Afghanistan, the mechatronics engineering is worked in the energy and water, industrial towns, urban management, electricity and construction departments.

The Academic Goals of Mechatronics Department

  1. Using up-dated teaching methods
  2. Completing and activating the laboratories
  3. Introducing and promoting modern and intelligent technology
  4. Demonstrating research and implementation projects for Mechatronics students
  5. Creating specialized meeting (desktops) in the sub-discipline of Mechatronics department
  6. Financial self-sufficiency and the use of laboratories to conduct research by professors and engineers


The curriculum of Mechatronics Department is in accordance with the scientific and professional needs of the community, which has been prepared in cooperation with the Hartford University of the United States in accordance to international standards. It has 145 credits which are taught during 8 semesters.