Professional Education Department

In the year 1973, when the Faculty of Education was working under the name of Dar al-Maal' min, the Teachers' Teacher Training Institute was established, and since that time various departments have been independently established in different disciplines, one of these departments was the Department of Professional Education. This department offered services to all departments, a job it still performs.

As the main task of this institution is, as stated, teachers training. Therefore, the Department of Professional Education is responsible for the most important responsibility in this regard. So the department through the teaching of topics related to the development of teacher skills, which includes different psychologies, the foundations of education, general teaching, teaching technology, teaching and assessment of education Serves the younger generation.

The professors of this department are experts in these subjects and serve in different classes. Since 1973, this faculty has been renamed the Herat Institute of Pedagogy, and later Faculty of Education.  During all these years, the department has served professionally. In 2009, equivalent to 1388 A.H, based on necessity a separate department of Educational Psychology was established under its framework. This field trains educational consultants, for whom there is a dire need. Approximately 80 students have already graduated from this field in three periods, as well as a large number of students are studying in this field.

Also, according to the proposal of the department of Professional education, the approval of the Department of Education and the Ministry of Higher Education in 2013, night classes were established in the field of psychology. The classes commenced on 27 of Mizan.  In this field, students will study fundamental and specific subjects on psychology along with other subjects which are part of the university’s curriculum in 10 semesters. Overall, the student will take 146 credits in the duration of 10 semesters. The professors of this department have a bachelor's degree, a master's degree, and academic rank of pohanmal, pohanyar, and pohyalay.

Academic Objectives

Promotion of department to faculty

Expanding the area of the department by increasing fields of consulting and educational management

Improvement of Teacher Education Level to Master and Ph.D.

Educational goals

Students' familiarity with the principles and techniques of counseling and guidance

Students' familiarity with the ethics of counseling sessions

Introducing students to teaching skills