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Herat University strives to serve the public and is dedicated to building a prosperous and well educated society by generation of knowledge through conducting research, dissemination of knowledge through training, and to advancing applications of knowledge in the private and public sectors. Herat University has access to appropriate facilities and equipment in order to realize its commitments: a new campus, modern and beautiful buildings, advanced laboratories, rich libraries, well equipped lecture rooms, and most importantly, capable lecturers who make our university a superior institute.


Support and teaching staff at Herat University work coherently to provide a comfortable learning environment for students and appropriate services for partner institutes, and they strive to present their scientific accomplishments to the public. We believe these will be made possible only if our people and visitors can get a thorough introduction of the university and have a chance to express their opinions and ideas.


This website is a window into Herat University which allows you to get familiar with the university’s administration, resources, facilities and achievements. We at the university would like to invite all respected visitors to browse through our pages and get in contact with us. Moreover, we request for your constructive comments, critiques and suggestions to help us make this website richer, and make Herat University a greater place.



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